3 Counties Church

Malawi Link (Tearfund)



In 2012, through the charity Tearfund's Connected Church programme, 3 Counties Church became linked with a church in Beka Village, Malawi, and with Tearfund's partner in Malawi, Eagles.  Through an enriching two way relationship of encouragement, support and learning, lives in Beka are being transformed.


How do we support Beka?

  • We raise money for the work of Eagles through an annual collection at our Harvest service and through fundraising events throughout the year.  
  • Updates and prayer requests from Beka and Malawi are shared with the church during Sunday services.
  • Our children in Kidzone learn about God's love for the poor through our link with Beka and pray for the people in Beka Village.  



​More information

You can read more about our connection with Beka Village in our newsletters. Also Tearfund’s Eagles page gives further information about Beka as well as other Eagles projects across Malawi.