3 Counties Church

Meet the team

We as a church family are in a time of transition following Jonathan Carter’s well earned retirement in June 2018. We are not in a rush to find a new senior leader. We are patiently exploring options based on what God has said to us which is “What do you have in your hand?”. We remain open to different shapes of leadership. We will continue on with God’s mission for us to see his love shared with our communities. Our current leadership team comprises Tara, Dick, Sarah, Jack, Jon, Dave and Rowena. They are deeply grateful for the love, care, encouragement and support they are receiving from the church family through these transition times.

Below are details of the Church Leadership and Wider Leadership Team, including ministry leaders.
Everyone can be contacted via the contact details on their ministry page, or via the church office.

The Leadership Team:

Tara Congdon

Jon Noble

Sarah Noble

Jack Robson

Children's and
School's Worker
  Small Groups &
Admin Team leader
and Community


Dick Durrant

Rowena Wright

David Wright


Church Secretary Children and Families Worship  


Tony Jackson

of Trustees








Other Ministry Leaders:

Meg Durrant

Tony Harrould

Viv Jackson

Julia & Graham Sharp

Welcoming &
Wednesday Group
Stewarding Refresh
Global Issues


Ingrid Collins







Keith Potter

Ian Britton

Romey Christie

Jess Shanks

Money Advice The Wave Healing on the Streets Playtime