3 Counties Church


Exciting, messy and fun church for Years R – 5

During the Sunday morning service 10.15 - 11.30am


At Kidzone we have a fantastic team that seek to help your child learn more about God and discover more of his love and power in their lives.  We use games (sometimes rather messy ones!), DVD clips, occasional craft activities and much more to help us understand what we are learning about from the bible.  We often end with the question, “How does this apply to us?’ and have a time of prayer where the children are encouraged to pray for one another and the leaders, as well as vice versa.  On the weeks where we do not join the adults upstairs for some all-age time together, we also have worship leaders join the Kidzone team for the morning and they lead the children in some age appropriate worship.  Register your child at Kidzone when you arrive before the service.

Whilst very welcome, parents and carers do not have to attend church themselves whilst their children attend Kidzone. We do however ask that if you are leaving the building, you let the person on registration know and leave a contact number on the registration form.  


Tara Congdon

Kidzone Leader
Tel: 07811 728620