3 Counties Church

Healing on the Streets

We are a team from local churches offering anyone the opportunity to receive prayer for any healing needed, in a simple and accessible manner.

Whilst it might seem surprising, many people accept invitations to sit on a chair and receive prayer on the street. When they do, nearly all say they experience something of the love of God and some have seen dramatic healing and improvements to their health.

Get Support:

Would you or someone you know like to receive prayer for healing? You are most welcome to Healing on the Streets. 

When:  SECOND Saturday  of the month from 10am – 12 noon.

Where: Outside Haslewey community centre  (near Tesco, Haslemere).  Map.

Background of Healing on the Streets:

Healing on the Streets (HOTS) was pioneered by Mark Marx and his Church in Coleraine, Northern Ireland (Causeway Coast Vineyard).  Since beginning to pray for people in this way seven years ago, Healing on the Steets has spread across every denomination and now hundreds of churches in the UK and beyond are joining together on the streets to pray for people in their towns.  As a result, there are amazing stories of how God's love and healing power has touched the lives of people who have been prayed for. 


Romey Christie

Leader of Haslemere HOTS
01428 653011 (Office)