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Fusion is for youth in school years 9-13.  It runs on Sunday morning during the church service. Our sessions give young people the opportunity to explore faith, learn from the Bible and experience the Holy Spirit. We believe that discipleship and friendship are some of the key elements to developing a personal faith, so we make time to build relationships and encourage each other. We also run a social youth group called Fusion After Hours which runs every Sunday evening from 6-8pm

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Youth Leader: Hollie Rhodes

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Fusion After Hours (Year 9-13)
Fusion After Hours

Fusion Group Text
This is a form that once completed, gives 3 Counties Church permission to communicate via a Group text to the youth and their parents / guardian's regarding youth activities that 3CC are running or are involved with / aware of. If you have more than one young person, please complete one form for each of them. No under year 7's however should be invited to join this group.