3 Counties Church

Wave Job Descriptions

Would you like to be part of this Summer’s Wave? Take a look at the job specs below and let us know if you’re interested by filling in the online form. (there is no obligation as this stage and also as we are a few months ahead, some of these ideas are subject to change). Many thanks.

Monday to Friday
Manager To oversee the volunteers and general running of the café. Two or three people can share this role. 

(Doing jobs out in the community, eg litterpicking, gardening, car washing etc)
Manager To oversee the jobs and teams (NB the gardening team is already being managed so it would be for other practical outreach).
Do you have any other practical ideas our Wave teams could do?

Friday 27th July afternoon
(Equivalent of former ‘Family Fun Afternoon’ but this year it won’t be the whole day as Holiday Club and Toddlers will run in the day. Time to be confirmed)

BBQ Manager      Overseeing the BBQ and team.
BBQ helpers        Chefs as well as servers
Running a game  (eg Tug of War, board games, obstacle course, treasure hunt etc) - all ideas of games welcome!
Bouncy castle stewards/helpers 

Friday 20th July                      Set up
Monday 23rd July                   Set up Holiday Club
Friday 20th - Sun 22nd July    General set up on Lion Green, tents, collecting things (people with vans appreciated)
Friday 27th from 4pm            Pack Down at Holiday Club
Friday 27th from 5.30pm       Pack Down at Lion Green (again, people with vans and strength please)

Monday to Friday afternoons
Volunteers to help with Toddlers  No DBS required as parents must stay with their kids.

Monday to Friday
If you have an idea for an evening, we would love to hear from you. (We have a very limited number of evenings so don’t be discouraged if your idea is not used.)

Monday to Friday afternoons at Shottermill Junior School

Sunday July 22nd from 1.15pm   Set up the Club

July 23rd  – 28th  volunteers needed from 1.30pm to 4.45pm to help with the following:

Small Group helpers
Be with a group of 10 - 12 children during organised activities. There will be up front activities, crafts, sports, creative prayer.  In between times, there are a selection of short daily activities you could choose. You will have a group register and time to get know your children. Each group has at least two helpers.

Oldest group helpers (we need 2)
Our year 6 and sometimes year 5 children are involved with the drama and have a cunning plan that they must carry out during the week. The group helpers need to be happy to take part in the drama and help their group to carry out their cunning plan…

Creative prayer 
Each day the children engage in a 20 minute creative prayer activity in groups of about 35 children. If this is your interest, you will work with the team to develop and lead four creative prayer ideas that follow the daily theme.

Craft team – lead a 25 minute session to do a craft that fits in with the day’s theme. There are three sessions each day with 35 children in each session.

Sports team
Lead a 25 minute sports/games session.There are three sessions each day with 35 children in each session.

Registrar and team
Come and work with Louisa and Simon and learn how to use ChurchApp.The registrar and team prepare registers, group information, wrist bands and monitor attendance on a daily basis.  Training provided.

For any questions about Holiday Club, please contact Sandy Clarke at sandy.clarke@hotmail.com.