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Lava Swiming and Sleepover Party

On Saturday 30th March we will be taking our Lava aged young people swimming at the Spectrum, Guildford, followed by returning to 3 Counties Church Hammer for games, dinner, suitable movie and a sleepover. We will meet at 3 Counties Church, Hammer at 2pm to quickly dump our sleeping stuff and head in cars for a 14:45pm - 16:30pm session.  As well as the leisure pool, this should include some time (until 15:45pm) when other pools, including the diving pool are open.  We will then aim to return to 3 Counties Church Hammer by 5:30pm for games, a Pizza dinner, an appropriate movie and a sleepover. We will aim (!!) to have the young people settled in bed and quiet by 10pm so they are not too tired for Mothers Day the next day.   Following breakfast, all the young people are then welcome to stay for church the following morning where we have our very own Jack leading the Lava Sunday session, which will have a mothering Sunday theme, and pick up would therefore be 12noon, or they can be picked up at 9:45am, before Church starts at 10:15am.  

We need to reserve swimming places, so please book your young person onto this trip by completing the form below by Thursday 21st March.

The cost for this end of term party will be £20.00 which includes swimming, a contribution towards petrol costs and party food.  Please speak to a Lava Leader if money is an issue as we do not want any young person to be prevented from coming due to this.

If you are not already on the Lava Girls or Lava Lads WhatsApp chats, please register your details below so we can add you and keep you informed about the event. 

If your young person is unable to attend all of the event, but would be able to attend just the swimming element, or just the dinner & sleepover, then this is possible, but please indicate this on the form below.  Charges can then be adjusted accordingly.  If your young person comes swimming, they need to be able to swim competently enough to not require the supervision of an adult near them.  If in doubt of this, we would ask that a parent or guardian joins them and is therefore solely responsible for keeping an eye on their wellbeing whilst in the water.  

By competing this form you are confirming that you understand that your child will be given a lift up to and back from the Spectrum with a group of other young people and by a driver who will either be a Lava leader or kind parent or guardian - all in an informal, voluntary capacity.  Whilst we will seek to take reasonable care of the children/young people, we cannot necessarily be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by your child during, or as a result of, the activity.  If you would prefer to drive your young person to the Spectrum yourself and meet us there, and / or join them swimming, you are free to do that - please just indicate that on the form below. 

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Swimming capability:*
I confirm my child is able to swim competently, without supervision.
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